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Homeowners Insurance


You Don't Need To Be a Home Insurance Expert To Learn Some Basic Concepts About Insurance. Contact An Agent At Neighbors Insurance Agency For Up To 40% In Savings-855-885-7679

Do you know how much your belongings are worth? The figure is often much more than our customers initially think. Taking the time to assess what you own, and to understand how your coverage works can help you make sure everything you value is adequately covered. Contact a local Neighbors Insurance Agency agent to learn more.

Choose your insurance or call today 1 (855) 885-7679 or 1 (844) 892-7476 

Insure Your Home's Structure And Protect Your Home & Personal Property with Our Insurance Plans.

When at home, you rely on having a safe and comfortable place to live in. When you purchase a home insurance policy, it should contain a description of your home's structure and a list of excluded items. It's important that you understand what is included in your coverage and any additional options you may want to consider.

Your Residence Type Matters

Structures vary, which is why a different policy is usually required for each type of home. For instance.

Protecting Your Home & Personal Property With Insurance
  • A Condo policy typically covers interior structures like wallboard and lighting fixtures.

  • Within a home insurance policy, usually a home's entire structure is covered along with sheds and detached garages.

  • For Manufactured Homes, the entire structure is usually covered, while sheds and garages may require an optional policy.

  • A Renters insurance policy typically has no physical structure coverage at all, but it often provides essential liability and contents coverage.

Neighbors Insurance Agency will be happy to speak with you about securing your home's features as well as the things you own; in order help you make an informed decision about coverage. Please contact us for additional information.


Insurance Coverage Options Quote Online or Find a Neighbors Insurance Agent near you. call 855-885-7679

Liability Coverage Liability Coverage protects you from damage you do to others or to protect in case of an accident. Some level of liability auto insurance coverage is required. Every state in the country requires that drivers, and sometimes passengers, carry minimum levels of auto insurance coverage (or the equivalent in financial responsibility waivers) in order to ensure that its drivers can cover the cost of damages to people or property in the event of an automobile accident.

Everybody looks for the best rate on car insurance, and we offer you the best quotes from some of the most respected insurance carriers around. Call a neighbors Insurance Agency representative to ask questions or to make changes to your policy today and save up to 30% on your policy..


Medical Payments Coverage can help pay medical expenses no matter who's at fault. it covers you, your passengers, and any family members driving or riding in the insured vehicle at the time of the accident.

Vehicle Protection - Collision and Comprehensive

Collision Coverage help pay for vehicle repairs if you are involved in covered loss. (That's insured peak for an accident that's specifically covered by your policy.) Comprehensive Coverage helps pay for damages on covered costs that aren't caused by a collision. What if your car is damaged by a storm or vandalism? That would generally be covered under the "comprehensive" portion of your policy - even though it is not caused by collision.

Start insurance

Underinsured / Uninsured Motorist Coverage helps protect you from the drivers with little or no insurance. It also can help cover injures to you or your passengers as well as repairs and expenses to your damaged car.

Additional car Insurance Coverage Options

Personal Injury Protection helps reimburse you for lost income, child care expenses, medical expenses, and some other costs if you are hurt in a covered accident. *

Don't get stranded! Towing and Labor Costs Coverage can help reimburse you for towing and other basic roadside-assistance expenses.

How would get around after an accident? Rental Reimbursement Coverage reimburses you for the cost of renting a car while yours is in the shop. ** If you have put a high -end sound system in your car, consider Sound System Coverage, which can help you protect your investment if it's stolen or damaged.


Entrust your bike to insurance for motorcycle coverage you can depend on Neighbors Insurance Agency.

You can count on motorcycle insurance through Neighbors Insurance Agency to protect your bike, no matter what kind of ride you own. Every policy is built to save you money, with flexible payment options and knowledgeable customer service you can rely on 24/7, every day of the year. Whether you just bought a bike or you're ready to shop for a new policy, get a free quote online for coverage that provides you with added security and peace of mind..


Why you can rely on Neighbors Insurance

As a proud member of the Allstate family, we're backed by the strength and experience of a longtime industry leader. With a financial-strength rating of "Superior" from A.M. Best, a respected insurance rating organization, you can trust that we'll be there when you need us most.


We value insurance that helps you make smarter decisions. You can take advantage of our hassle-free experience, competitive prices, and innovative tools to take direct control of your policy..

What does boat insurance cover?



Mastering the open water on your boat is a skill unlike any other. Makes sense, then, that it takes insurance unlike any other to keep your watercraft safe. With a policy through Neighbors Insurance , you can benefit from boat insurance coverage options uniquely suited to withstand life's crashing waves.

Types of boat insurance coverage

Boat insurance through Neighbors Insurance is perfect for a huge assortment of boats — and boaters. Whether you sail every weekend or just take a couple of fishing trips a year, you can design a unique policy with one of our partners and get coverage for key facets of your boating lifestyle, such as.

Your liability

If you cause an accident, liability coverage helps cover others' property damage or bodily injury bills so you can protect your hard-earned savings.

Your wellbeing

If you're hurt in a boating accident, medical payments protection could cover your injury costs, and those of everyone in the boat at the time, no matter who was responsible. In some states, you must exhaust your regular health insurance before medical payments coverage kicks in.

Property damage coverages like collision and comprehensive help keep your watercraft in tip-top shape. You can get help repairing or replacing your vessel if you collide with another boat or object, or suffer non-collision damage such as theft or fire

Your personal effects and equipment

Even if you think your old, creaky boat isn't worth insuring, chances are the valuables you have on board are. Things like portable radios, wetsuits, and underwater cameras add up in a hurry.

If your boat is ever broken into, you could have trouble replacing your belongings out of pocket. When you get protection through Neighbors Insurance , you can even secure coverage for pricy navigation gear and fishing equipment.

Your peace of mind

When things get a bit choppy on the water, coverage through one of our partners can keep your confidence cresting. With amazing supplemental protection, like uninsured boater and emergency assistance coverages, you can stay prepared in the event of unforeseen breakdowns and accidents.

boats that cannot be insured through Neighbors Insurance

While boaters can secure coverage for a wide variety of watercraft, there may be a few types of boats that are difficult to insure. Depending on your state and specific policy, you could have trouble finding a policy for extremely large, expensive, or powerful boats, houseboats, live-aboards (boats used as primary residence), amphibious land boats, hovercrafts, airboats, homemade boats with no serial numbers, boats without a motor, boats that fail to meet U.S. Coast Guard regulations, boats with wooden hulls, and boats owned by more than 2 people.



Trust Neighbors Insurance for help finding your perfect RV coverage through one of our partners.

The beauty of an RV is that it doubles as both a vehicle and a dwelling, a ride to enjoy and a place to relax. While this means RVs often provide twice the fun, they also have twice as much worth protecting. That's why finding the right RV insurance is so important.

RVers can go from tourists to errand-runners to dinner-party hosts all in the same day, and in the same vehicle! Thankfully, when you get a free RV insurance quote through Neighbors Insurance , you can connect with one of our partners and secure coverage that's flexible enough for all sides of your vehicle — and your life.

Thankfully, an RV insurance policy through Neighbors Insurance can provide essential coverages that protect your unique vehicle in ways an auto policy typically won't, such as:



Health Insurance Coverage Options Quote Online, or Find a Neighbors Insurance Agent near you. call (855) 885-7679

As an insurance company, Neighbors Insurance Agency knows that disaster can strike in many ways. You may lose a car, but you may also have your home damaged. These things are replaceable and fixable; however, you are not. That is why it is critical that you take care of yourself by making sure that you get regular checkups and that you follow through with a physician any time you feel ill. In order to finance both of these things, you will need the best health insurance in Florida to make sure that you are not paying absurd out-of-pocket costs every time you have something bad happen.

Neighbors Insurance Agency is proud to work with the largest insurance agency in the state to provide you with the best health insurance possible. Florida Blue is an excellent company that has served the state of Florida for many years by offering the best health insurance in Florida and Neighbors Insurance Agency offers both HMO and PPOs with an exclusive contract through Florida Blue. This allows anyone who needs coverage to have access to coverage readily and to get what they need so that they do no have to suffer from a preventable illness.

Because of their commitment to serve the Florida population as best as they possibly can, Florida Blue and Neighbors Insurance Agency offers a very good premium that fits comfortably into your budget. This way, you can still have coverage in the event of disaster without having to pay an excessive amount. There are a number of programs in which you can participate including some that have zero deductibles and incredibly low copay. These can start at five dollars for prescription medicine and twenty-five dollars for doctor’s visits. In the case that you have chronic illness, you can still get to the doctor when you need to without having to worry about the costs of your visits and the actual cost of the prescription itself.

Get quote

As the best health insurance in Florida, Florida Blue can provide you with the most comprehensive coverage and give you exactly what you need to begin to feel better. While no one wants to imagine the terrible occurring, having this type of coverage ensures that you have some financial cushion when something happens and you have to make any kind of hospital visits, trips to the doctor, or purchase prescription medicine.

The plans are available for both personal coverage and for corporate coverage. Enrollment will begin in November, so begin your search and look into what Neighbors Insurance Agency can offer you.


Business Insurance Coverage Options Quote Online, or Find a Neighbors Insurance Agent near you. call (855) 885-7679


When you are starting out with your new business, there are some insurance coverages that you should consider adding to your policies. While not all of these coverages are required, they will provide the business insurance in Florida that will best protect you and your business

At Neighbors Insurance Agency, our insurance professionals offer a variety of plans designed to ensure that business goes on as usual—without needless interruption and worry. After you consult with one of our representatives, you’ll be armed with the knowledge to choose the plan that will benefit you the most. With our business insurance coverage, you’ll get:

  • The confidence to face each venture without financial fear

  • A plan that takes stock of your business’s future as well as its present


Commercial auto insurance is also required for Florida businesses. This insurance covers all vehicles used by your business, including company cars, trucks, SUVs, and vans in the event of an accident. If your employees use their own vehicles for work purposes, you should consider non-owned liability coverage in case the employee does not have insurance.

Business Owner’s Policy

This type of business insurance in Florida provides all state required coverages in a single package. These policies can be tailored to your specific business needs, and can result in significant savings over purchasing each policy individually.


Nobody who operates a vehicle for a living should be driving without proper commercial auto insurance. At Neighbors Insurance Agency, we proudly offer commercial auto insurance packages to meet the demands of customers in and around Miami, FL. Whether you're a professional driver or a company owner, you shouldn’t have to worry about the unexpected. The truth is that auto accidents can happen even when you're not at fault. That's why it's so important to have the right coverage in place.

Get the Coverage and Protection You Need


We make it easy to find the right insurance. Our commercial auto insurance is designed to:


  • Protect your commercial vehicle

  • Safeguard your business’s financial integrity

  • Avoid complicated and costly disputes

Commercial auto insurance is something you simply can't afford to operate without. Call Neighbors Insurance Agency today to discuss your needs and learn more about the plans we have to offer.

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